St. John's provides a number of opportunities for members to perform God's work.  Our Ministries provide fellowship and support to all.



This ministry is composed of men who have been called to meet the challenge of service. Having responsibility to keep past history and a commitment to the present with a vision of the future. To support the very essence of the truth of the Bible in word, actions, and deeds, and embracing Jesus' teachings that the greatest person is one who serves.




The ladies who serve in this ministry are nominated by the Joint Board and confirmed by the congregation. Membership entails a commitment to the Pastor and church body through service in numerous essential support functions.

Ambassador's for Christ


Ambassadors for Christ is a ministry for young Christian adults who fellowship together through community outreach projects, inter-church programs and social activities. It is also open to the entire adult church body.



The Evangelistic Servants mission is to reach out to the lost. To share the Word of God with others wherever they may be and to extend an invitation to visit St. John's Baptist Church.



The Sisterhood's mission, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God's Word is to encourage and under-gird sisters in their walk with Christ. The focus of the ministry is on the sharing of Christ with unbelievers, facilitating the development of a spiritually vital church membership, and performing Christ ministry in the community.



Youth & Young Adults


The Youth & Young Adult Ministry is dedicated to providing opportunities for Young Christians to develop and  grow stronger in Christian morals, character and behaviors.

Praise Dance


The Praise Dance Ministry is a subsidiary of the Youth & Young Adult Ministry but all church members are welcome to fellowship

in dance.  Let them praise his name in the dance...Psalm 149:3



This ministry dedicates their time and effort in providing wonderful soul filled meals to the congregation for various functions at St. John's.

Audio Visual


Audio (CD) or professionally-edited video (DVD) copies of St. John's services and special programs are available upon request.

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